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Amino Acids 20 Profile - Blood Spot

by YMD
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A Finger-Stick Amino Acid Profile for Personalized Supplementation
Featuring an Expanded Amino Acids Panel

Why use the Amino Acids 20 Blood Spot Profile?
The Bloodspot Amino Acids 20 Profile is a convenient finger-stick amino acid test that can uncover problems in amino acid intake and absorption by measuring levels of essential and non-essential amino acids. Imbalanced or insufficient amino acids can affect a wide range of body functions, producing symptoms that negatively affect the quality of life. Intervention with a customized amino-acid supplement based on test results may be effective in conditions associated with inadequate amino acid intake and/or absorption.

Effective for Patients Experiencing:
Common clinical indications for amino acid testing include:
Gaining insight into Dietary Protein Intake and Digestion/Absorption
Weight Issues/Dietary Guidance
About the Amino Acids 20 Blood Spot Profile
With just a simple finger stick, this easy-to-use blood spot test offers a convenient alternative to a blood draw in determining amino acid status. This profile is a great option for clinicians without access to blood-draw facilities.

The complete Amino Acids 20 Profile Bloodspot assesses:
Essential Amino Acids
Limiting Amino Acids
Branched Chain Amino Acids
Other Essential Amino Acids
Conditionally Essential Amino Acids
Amino Acid Functional Categories
The distinctive Amino Acids 20 Profile Blood Spot report provides:
Quintile reporting of results to allow the clinician to quickly see potential areas of concern
Customized Amino Acid Formula – customized amino acids blend based on test results