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NYE Resolution -All-Inclusive Semaglutide Weight Loss Medication: Begin Now for Just $199

by YMD
Original price $399.00
Original price $399.00 - Original price $399.00
Original price $399.00
Current price $199.00
$199.00 - $199.00
Current price $199.00
New to the quiz? Feel free to take it now! If you've already completed it, there's no need to retake. We're glad you're on your journey with us.


Comprehensive Weight Loss Solution at Just $199!

Welcome to the YouthfulMD Weight Loss Semaglutide Program - a holistic approach designed for your success. If you're here, you've already completed our qualification quiz and are ready for a transformative journey.

Your $199 "ALL-INCLUSIVE" Weight Loss Medication Includes:

✅ Full Month Semaglutide Medication and Supplies: Everything you need to get started on your weight loss path.

✅ Weight Loss Lab Prescription: Get tested at Quest or LabCorp with our prescription.

✅ Expert Consultation: Connect with our Anti-Aging expert who will guide you through your journey.

✅ Virtual Medical Provider Exam: If needed, a Board Certified Medical Provider will ensure your plan aligns with your health.

✅ Tailored Semaglutide Meal Plan: Crafted by a YMD certified Nutritionist for optimized results.

✅ Remote Patient Monitoring App: Keep your progress at your fingertips with our app.

✅ Exercise and Recipe Videos: Access a library of resources for your fitness and nutritional needs.

✅ Six-Month Nutritional Counseling: When you choose the YMD Labs Profile Cardio IQ option.

✅ Dedicated Patient Advocate: Reach out anytime, 24/7, for guidance and support.

Join us at YouthfulMD, where we uncover the root causes of your weight gain to tailor your weight loss journey uniquely to you. We're not just a program; we're a functional medicine platform focused on your success and improved overall health.

Disclaimer: Initial fee of $95 applies, covering Medical Consultation and Weight Loss Lab Profile. Terms and conditions apply. Offer valid from Dec 15, 2023, to Jan 31, 2024.