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Enclomiphene 25mg - 30 capsules (RP)

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Enclomiphene, available in the form of 25 milligram (mg) tablets with 30 tablets per bottle, is a pharmaceutical medication frequently integrated into the holistic approach of functional medicine for males. Functional medicine focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues, and Enclomiphene plays a significant role in managing specific hormonal imbalances and associated health concerns in men.

Enclomiphene is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that stimulates the production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in the body. FSH plays a crucial role in regulating the production of sperm in the testes. Within the functional medicine platform, Enclomiphene is often prescribed to men with low sperm counts or suboptimal hormonal profiles.

The medication is typically administered as part of a treatment plan designed to restore hormonal equilibrium and improve fertility. Healthcare providers within the functional medicine framework closely monitor hormonal levels and clinical symptoms throughout the treatment course. By enhancing natural FSH production, Enclomiphene can help increase sperm counts and improve fertility in men experiencing hormonal imbalances.

Within the functional medicine framework, the use of Enclomiphene is personalized. Dosage and treatment duration are tailored to each patient's specific hormonal needs, and regular monitoring ensures that the medication effectively addresses hormonal imbalances and contributes to overall health and reproductive well-being.