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Hormone-Naive or High Cancer Risk Lotion Progeterone 20mg/mL + Esteriol 1mg/mL - 30ml (IP)

by YMD
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Hormone-Naive or High Cancer Risk Lotion is a specialized component within the functional medicine platform, tailored for female Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). This unique lotion formulation combines Progesterone (20mg/mL) and Estriol (1mg/mL) in a 30ml bottle. It is specifically designed to address the distinct hormonal needs and health considerations of women who are either new to HRT or are at a heightened risk for certain types of cancer.

Key highlights of this product:

- **Targeted for Specific Health Profiles:** This lotion is formulated to cater to women who are hormone-naive or at an elevated risk for certain cancers, ensuring that they receive the benefits of hormone therapy while minimizing potential associated risks.

- **Progesterone and Estriol:** Progesterone plays a crucial role in balancing the effects of estrogen and supporting overall hormonal equilibrium. Estriol, a milder form of estrogen, is chosen for its potentially safer profile.

- **Personalized Treatment:** Functional medicine places great importance on personalized care. Hormone therapy is tailored to the individual's health status, risk factors, and hormone levels, guaranteeing that the treatment aligns perfectly with the patient's unique requirements.

- **Ongoing Care and Monitoring:** Within the functional medicine framework, healthcare providers closely monitor the effects of HRT. Adjustments are made as necessary to optimize benefits and mitigate potential side effects, ensuring a holistic approach to well-being.

Hormone-Naive or High Cancer Risk Lotion offers a cautious and personalized approach to female HRT. It adheres to the principles of functional medicine that prioritize individualized care and comprehensive well-being.