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Tirzepatide 5mg/0.5ml (50mg vial) 5mL vial

by YMD
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Tirzepatide is in the class of drugs known as glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs). What sets tirzepatide apart from some other GLP-1 RAs is its unique dual agonism action. It simultaneously targets both the GLP-1 receptor and the glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) receptor. This dual mechanism of action aims to provide better glycemic control by enhancing insulin secretion, suppressing glucagon release, slowing down gastric emptying, and increasing the feeling of fullness after meals. These effects collectively lead to improved blood glucose management, reduced body weight, and potentially other metabolic benefits.

Tirzepatide has shown promising results in clinical trials, demonstrating its ability to significantly lower HbA1c levels (a measure of average blood sugar levels over time) and aid in weight loss. It is administered as a subcutaneous injection, and its dosing regimen may vary depending on the specific treatment plan and the patient's individual needs.

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