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Year-Long Vitality: Men's Hormone Therapy for Only $99/Month(Annual Program)

by YMD
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Discover a new horizon in men's health with YouthfulMD's Hormone Replacement Therapy, now at an unbeatable annual price of $1188 - that's just $99 per month. Embrace a comprehensive, cost-effective solution tailored to your unique health needs.

Welcome to Our Year-Long HRT Program!

For only $99/month (billed annually), you receive:

1. Expert Medical Consultation: Engage with our Functional Medicine specialists to define your health objectives.

2. Hormone Lab Testing NOT Included but offered at a reduce rate of $95: Access to lab tests at Quest or LabCorp with our prescription, ensuring accurate assessment.

3. Personalized Medication Plan: Based on your lab results, receive a customized medication regimen. Your healthcare coach will provide detailed cost information.

4. Six Months of Nutritional Counseling: Integral to our program, offering guidance for healthier dietary habits.

5. Exclusive YMD App Access: Utilize our app for valuable resources, including exercise and nutrition advice.

6. Dedicated Healthcare Coach: Direct SMS support for queries or assistance throughout your journey.

🔍 Medication Included & Costs: The typical monthly cost for recommended medications (Testosterone Cypionate, Estrogen blocker if needed, and administration supplies) is included in the annual fee of $1188.

YouthfulMD's Commitment: We go beyond standard Hormone Therapy. Our approach is holistic, addressing not just hormone imbalances but also related health concerns like weight management, sexual health, and overall well-being. Our goal is to uncover and treat the root causes of your health issues, offering personalized solutions for lasting results.

Contact us for more details or to start your transformative health journey with YouthfulMD. 855-411-2225